The Role of Time in Data Science and AI

报告题目:The Role of Time in Data Science and AI

报告人:马纪新 英国格林威治大学教授博导





The notion of time plays an important role in modelling natural phenomena and human activities concerning the dynamic aspect of the real world. Virtually most information in the universe of discourse is time-dependent and suitable methodologies are needed to deal with the rich temporal issues in computer-based systems. In particular, many Data Science and Artificial Intelligence applications need to deal with the temporal dimension of data, the change of information over time and the knowledge about how it changes. The purpose of this talk is to: (a) motivate and explain a topic of emerging importance in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence; (b) provide an overview on some fundamental issues with respects to temporal ontology; (c) present a brief introduction to temporal representation and reasoning in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in terms of some illustrating examples。


Dr Jixin Ma is a Full Professor in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. He has been the Director of the Centre for Computer and Computational Science, and the Director of School’s PhD/MPhil Programme. He is also a Visiting Professor of Beijing Normal University, Auhui University, Zhengzhou Light Industrial University, and City University of Macau. Professor Ma obtained his BSc and MSc of Mathematics in 1982 and 1988, respectively, and PhD of Computer Sciences in 1994. His main research areas include Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems, with special interests in Temporal Logic, Temporal Databases, Reasoning about Action and Change, Case-Based Reasoning, Pattern Recognition, Graph Matching and Information Security. He has been a member of British Computer Society, American Association of Artificial Intelligence, ICIS/IEEE, and Special Group of Artificial Intelligence of BCS. Professor Ma has been the Editor of several international journals and international conference proceedings, and Program Chair/Invited Keynote Speakers of many international conferences. He has published more than 200 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences。