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Undergraduate program & Graduate Education

1、Undergraduate program

◆ Computer Science and Technology


Our goal is tocultivate students with good scientific literacy and innovative spirit andpractice ability,who masterthe basic knowledge of computer science and technology systematically,to engage in thefoundation of computer science and technology research,and become the seniorengineering and technical personnel who engaged in the development andapplication of computer application system design.


Havea solid natural science foundation, good humanities and social science literacyand Chinese language application ability;Master the basictheory and knowledge in the field of computer science and technology , masterthe latest theory、method and technology of computerscience and technology, have the ability of the design, development andapplication of computer network system in computer software and hardware system;Havethe method of scientific thinking and engineering design , with the rigorousscientific attitude, innovative consciousness and the ability of activelearning。

ThreeTraininglevels: Undergraduate students


Objectoriented programming teachniques、Assemble LanguageProgram Design、Discrete mathematics、DigitalLogic、Composition Principle of Computer、ComputerPrinciples and Interface Techniques、Data Structure、SoftwareEngineering、Operating System、Fundamentalsof Compiling、Introduction to Databases、ComputerNetwork。

Department of Software engineering

Firsttraining objectives:

Train studentswith good scientific literacy, to master the software engineering theory andprofessional knowledge, with innovative spirit and practical ability, and havethe ability to engaged in software analysis, design, development and maintenancewith the use of engineering method, advanced technology and tools, to traintalents with good capabilities of senior engineering technology, projectorganization and management.

Twotraining requirements:

Students shouldhave solid natural science foundations, good humanity quality and Chineseapplication ability; master the basic theory and knowledge of computer scienceand technology, software engineering, master the basic methods of computersoftware system analysis and design, with the ability to research, design,programming the computer system software and application software, with theability of software engineering project organization and management; with thescientific thinking method and engineering design method, with a rigorousscientific attitude, innovation consciousness and active learning ability.

Threetraining levels: Undergraduate Students

Fourthe main courses:

Object-orientedProgramming Technology, Data Structure, Software Engineering, OperatingSystem, Database Introduction, Digital Logic, Microcomputer principle andinterface technology, Principles of Computer Composition, Computer Network ,Principles of Compilation, The Linux operating System & Program Design,Object -oriented System Analysis and Design(UML) etc.

Network Engineering

FirstTraining objectives

Bring up studentsgetting good scientific literacy and mastering basics of NetworkEngineering.Students will also have innovative spirit and practicalability,these students will also be able to do basic research of Network Engineering.In addition,these students can design the application system of NetworkEngineering and they have advanced technology of development and application.

TwoTraining Requirements

Students will havesolid foundation of natural science,good accomplishment of humanities andability of applying Chinese.They also grasp the basic theory and techniques ofComputer Science and Technology and pivotal theoretical knowledge,basic methodand related technology.With these education,students can get these abilities,suchas software designing about computer network system,designing network planning,integrated networkand managing operation and maintenance,keeping safety of network andprogramming the application of network.they are going to have scientific way ofthinking,rigorous scientific approach,sense of innovation and ability of activelearning.

ThreeTraining level:Undergraduate coursestudents

FourMain Courses:

object-oriented programming、discretemathematics、Microcomputer

Principleand Interface hormones、datastructures、operatingsystems、compiler theory、computer networks、digital logic、computerorganization、Linuxnetwork programming、Linuxoperating system and program design、router technology.

The Internet of things engineering

FirstTraining objectives:

To bring up the students whohave goodscientificliteracy and master the basictheoryof networkingtechnology systematically. They will have innovativespirit, practical ability and multidisciplinary basics.They are going to be the advanced engineering technicalpersonnel which were subjected of scientific research and practical trainingabout things networking technology research, development and applications.

TwoTraining requirements:

Our students need a solid foundation of natural science, niceaccomplishment of humanities and social sciences, and Chineseproficiency. They also need to master the basic theory in the field of computerscience and technology , key theory and technology of Things System,multidisciplinary basic knowledge, and the ability to perform basic research,planning, development and application of engineering systems of things. It isnecessary to possess scientific thinking and engineering design methods,rigorous scientific attitude, innovation and active learning.

ThreeTraining level:Undergraduatestudents

FourMain courses:

Object-orientedprogrammingtechniques、DiscreteMathematics、DataStructure、Operatingsystem、Computer network、Introduction to Database、RFIDPrinciplesand Applications、Sensorprinciple、EmbeddedSystems、Thingscommunications technology、Wireless sensor networks、IOTapplications.


2、Graduate Education