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(1) SpecialtyIntroduction

· Computer Science and Technology

The computer scienceand technology major began to recruit undergraduates in 1985. In 2013, it wasapproved as a school-level specialty. In 2015, it was approved as the firstbatch of pilot units by the Computer Education Teaching Committee of theMinistry of Education, and it became the School-level major comprehensivereform pilot major. In 2018, it became the “Six Outstanding One Outstanding”outstanding talent training innovation project construction specialty in AnhuiProvince. At the same time, the application for engineering educationcertification in 2018 has been accepted by the National EngineeringCertification Committee, becoming the only profession in Anhui Province to be accepted.At present, there are 560 undergraduates, with 3 professional laboratories and3 internship training bases.

· Software engineering

The softwareengineering major began enrolling in 2005. In 2014, it was approved as aprovincial excellent engineer construction program. In 2016, it became theschool-level professional reform pilot construction program, and now there areapproximately 500 students and more than 10 internal and external trainingbases.

This major, with adeep accumulation of school running, is an emerging interdisciplinary specialtybased on computer science and technology. With the help of computer science andtechnology, mathematics, management science and engineering and many otherdisciplines, it trains students' ability to solve complex software engineeringproblems. The specialization is adapted to the adjustment of the nationalindustrial structure and the development of the information industry. Aiming atengineering and technical talents, we promote a new talent training model thatcombines teaching, practice, and development, emphasizing the comprehensiveapplication of knowledge and the cultivation of autonomous learningcapabilities. The curriculum system meets the requirements of national newengineering construction, and the needs of social development. The new electivecourses such as big data technology, artificial intelligence and mobileprogramming technology have been opened.

· Internet of Things

The Internet ofThings Engineering major began enrolling in 2013. In 2014, it was approved bythe Anhui Provincial Revitalization Plan to support the construction major. In2016, it was approved as a school-level outstanding engineer constructionmajor. This major focuses on cultivating students' comprehensive ability ofintelligent perception, data collection, network interconnection andintelligent application of the Internet of Things. Combined with theengineering industry background of Anhui University of Technology, it createsprofessional features based on the Industrial Internet of Things and itsintelligent applications. Currently, there are more than 280 students in theschool, and the number of doctors in the teaching team exceeds 70%. It has theIoT basic laboratory, the IoT comprehensive application laboratory, the IoTinnovation laboratory, and 3 off-campus practice bases. This major aims tocultivate a solid foundation, broad knowledge, strong practical ability, highcomprehensive quality, a high sense of social responsibility and goodprofessional literacy, a systematic grasp of the basic theories, basicknowledge, and basic skills of the Internet of Things.

(2) Scientific research

· Network and information security

We mainly focus onnetwork and information security research around the Internet of Things,Industrial Internet, and Industrial Big Data. In terms of communication andperception of the Internet of Things, research is carried out aroundlarge-scale network deployment, energy saving, and data perception quality. Inthe industrial Internet and industrial big data, research is carried out aroundthe industrial Internet architecture, network interconnection, efficientstorage of industrial time series data, and optimal scheduling of edgecomputing resources. In terms of network security and privacy protection,research on network security and data privacy protection in areas such asedge-cloud collaboration, differential privacy protection, and federal securecomputing is conducted.

We had undertaken 6National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 major science and technologyproject of Anhui Province, 6 Natural Science Foundation of Anhui Province, 2key research and development projects of Anhui Province, and published morethan 80 high-quality papers in this field.

· Intelligent perception and intelligent computing

We mainly focus on oncomputer vision and intelligent perception, big data analysis and modeling, andintelligent computing. In deep learning model methods and applications,low-level computer vision algorithms and embedded applications, dynamic gestureidentity interaction technologies and systems, machine vision industrial targetdetection and analysis, quantum machine learning methods, multi-modal andmulti-view sparse data identification analysis, Matrix factorization method andother aspects have carried out long-term applied basic research andcorresponding research and development. In the analysis and modeling ofmulti-label data and multi-modal data, the original algorithm based on genericfeature learning is used for feature selection, classification modeling, andfront-end fusion of multi-label multi-modal classification tasks. The method ofbig data analysis and modeling in the context of missing data and dynamicchanges is studied.

We had undertaken 7National Natural Science Foundation of China, 1 major project of AnhuiProvincial Department of Education, 3 key projects, 4 natural sciences of AnhuiProvince, 1 third prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award, andpublished high-quality papers in this field 60 Multiple articles.

· R & D and productization of industry software

Combining with the managementmode of metallurgy and machinery manufacturing industry, it has formeddistinctive features and advantages in the productization of ERP products andindustrial control software. The products are applied to companies such asMaanshan Iron and Steel, Baosteel, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry and otherenterprises. In the field of public safety, we have developed a series ofsoftware products for fire safety drills based on virtual simulation, whichhave been applied and popularized in Shenhua Group Ordos Coal-to-Liquids Company and Shaanxi Emergency Office.

In recent years, wehad successively undertaken 1 national key research and development planproject, 1 national science and technology support plan sub-project, 1 thirdprize of scientific and technological progress of China Federation of Logisticsand Purchasing, 1 major project of Anhui Provincial Department of Education,and so on. There are more than 20 research projects and 14 invention patentsauthorized.